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I Give it All

1 Chronicles 21:23 Ornan the Jebusite was at the threshing floor with the angel of the

Lord standing by him and about to strike when the Lord relented. The Plague sent by God had already killed 70,000 men of Israel. Ornan was threshing wheat with his sons when the angel appeared. His sons, frightened at what they saw and feared death was near, went and hid while Ornan carried on his duties of threshing wheat. What must have been going through his mind to see the angel and still have the wherewithal to carry on with his task.

King David soon appeared and it was only then that Ornan stopped working and came out and bowed before King David, God’s anointed. The King asked for the land so he could build an altar to the Lord since it was there that the plague had ended. Ornan, whose Hebrew name means “believer”, offered David everything he would need for the altar including the sacrifice. And in doing so said.... “I give it all.” As we come to understand who God is and what he has done for us: He saved us from death and eternal separation from Him, He has taken us into his family and called us Beloved, He has lavished on us all of His riches that will never perish... what keeps us from saying “I give it all.” What could we possibly hold on to so tightly that we would not lay it all down in sacrifice to our God who owns it all anyway.